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Unique show

Symphonic and rock music don't seem dissimilar to true music lovers. The classics run into the present so they appear before listeners in all its unique mysterious beauty. Many grandees of rock-n-roll have already put themselves to this genre so that fans still remember about it! Among rockers experimented with the orchestra the legendary Metallica have made the biggest impact.

Please welcome a unique show! Official tribute band of monsters of rock Metallica, accompanied by a symphonic orchestra!
It's been more than 15 years since Metallica's famous album "S&M" was released. Now back in 1999 the cult work of the legend came out, it was a double concert record in collaboration with San Francisco symphonic orchestra. The group performed songs from all existent to that moment studio albums except for "Kill 'EM ALL". Plus they added 2 new songs "No Leaf Clover" and "Human". Their success was immense.

Thus, after a long time, you can enjoy the reincarnation of the legend and listen to the imperishable hits with symphonic orchestra performed. Certainly, this concert won't let connoisseurs of rock music remain indifferent.
Within the framework of a unique programme the group performs with a true symphonic orchestra conducted by an authoritative conductor.

In big Russian METALLICA WITH A SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA tour that has recently finished the orchestra was conducted by maestro Victor Babarikin, art director and the lead conductor of The President Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus. Maestro is also well known by his work with Scorpions. The band and the symphonic orchestra performed everywhere with a stunning success, gathering full houses and receiving positive reports as from professional journalists so from fans. Their concerts were held at the best venues attended by the audience of more than 20 000, in city the show was greeted with triumph!

This unique show that has no analogues in Russia! This grand show will remain in people's memory and impress the most versed fans of Metallica, rock and music in general.

PHOTO & VIDEO TOUR DATES NEWS 25/02/2018  S&M with Symphony Orchestra  26/02/2018  S&M with Symphony Orchestra  09/03/2018  S&M with Symphony Orchestra 
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